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zipper build

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This is what I tried to do before, Thanks Swany. I made a mandrel to true up my action today.
It was off 15 thou. before I install my new shilen barrel for my 219 zipper, I thought maybe someone might be interested. Steve!! ;D
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Very interested and very appreciative of the time taken to share . Best of all will be the finished product , going to surprise you how useful a gun/cartridge this will be ,weather truck gun , varmiter or just for range shooting this is my spring time , head and shoulders above second place favorite gun-caliber ;D
please document everything you can on this build as it will help me out. I have a marlin factory barrel and an old 30-30 im going to put together to build a zipper and would be interested in seeing what all you do to yours.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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