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Z prefix 336T

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I had the chance to shoot my Dad's 336T in 44 mag this weekend and I am hooked. That thing is a slammer. We were pounding milk jugs at 100 yds with no problems.

According to the manufacture dates by serial number info on this sight, I think it would have been made in 1964.

It is absolutely perfect except that the white spacer under the butt plate is shrunken and discolored. Can you buy replacements?
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Nose around a bit, some here have made replacements out things like bleach bottles! Mr fixit
I also have a 1964 336 44 Magnum also. And it is a Z. Great gun. I have seen the spacers for sale on here from time to time, But I just went to my local hobby store
and bought some plastic that was close in thickness, and cut my own out. I got a White Styrene .080 x 7.6x11 It is a little thicker that original, but close enough.
And I have extra for the next gun. It is a Midwest Product co., inc #701-06

If you are interested there is a pictorial in the Reference section, that shows the different internal parts.,35048.0.html
Sweet! Thanks guys.
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