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It's been a long time coming. I picked up a used 1894CB 24" in 357 off of Gunbroker right before Thanksgiving this past year. I'd been looking for a while but was put off by the prices they were fetching, so I bided my time until I couldn't take it anymore and clicked "Buy it Now" when one showed up for $800.

Upon arrival it was clear that the guy was right, 95% condition indeed. I was a little put off that he decided to include the weaver style scope mount that he had on it for pictures, especially because I asked if he could remove it as this was going to be a Skinner rifle. I asked my guy at the ggun shop for a screw driver so we could pop off the mount. I almost blew out an O-ring/stripped the screws trying to get it off. It appeared my seller (or someone) had decided that this mount was not supposed to move an used Red Loctite.

The irony of it all is that I work for a chemical company that sells Henkel (maker of Loctite) with much of their raw materials. So it never left the shop for the first 3 months of it's life with me. I took a number with the shop's gunsmith and asked him to call me when he got it figured out. The call came yesterday (2-22). The gunsmith came out to greet me and explained what a PIA this was. This methacrylate polymer used in the "Red" doesn't start to soften until around 800 degrees. Luckily, the aluminum scope base protected the receiver from most of the heat and allowed him to use a small torch to heat up each screw individually and eventually remove them.

I raced home with it as our friend Andy from Skinner had already delivered on my "Skinner Express" rear sight. Installation could not have been easier, but with a quick boresighting with my LaserLite it was clear I'd probably need a taller sight.

At the range this morning my first three shots made a near cloverleaf at 40yds (picture below) 1894cb first group skinner.jpg

I was shooting Federal's 158gr 357 jsp. I do not know how tall of a front sight this rifle came with from the factory, but it looks like Skinner recommends one .650" tall. If anyone has any experience with dropping in a new front blade, anything I should be cautious of?

Oh yeah, 6 hours later and I'm still grinning like an idiot. Shooting this gun reminds me how much fun you can have at the range. It was a real pleasure on the shoulder after sighting in my Ruger .350 rem M77.

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