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Hey people!

I am new here. You could say that I am new to firearms as well. I made my mind up on a XT-22R for my first one and I am getting a Vortex 3-9x 40mm. I just saw this video.

It gave me concerns about the Scope mount. For It availability and Its size. His scope is a 40mm as well and being new to firearms, before the video, I thought mounts came with the rifle. Anyhow, what mounts would you guys suggest I should get for it ? Ideally something available in Canada and from one of these store.

Cabela's Canada - Hunting Fishing Camping Clothing GPS Optics & Outdoor Gear

Hunting Fishing Camping Gear & Apparel | Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters

Something else I am still new at is English. So I hope you ll excuse my typos

Thanks ahead
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