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Now wait just a dad gummed minute. Are you asking about an 1895, or a 336??? Your Subject description says 1895.

I have this exact sight set on my Marlin 444T and love it. It screws right on, replacing the entire factory front sight. It's a intimidating looking setup and is the best I've ever seen.

Brownells sells it for the 1895SS as well, same sight set. I'm probably going to put this sight set on my new 1895 ABL I just bought. If your front sight screw spacing is either .700" or 1.0" center to center you're good to go.

The XS front sight is drilled for two different screw spacing patterns to accommodate older rifles which have the narrower (.700" c to c) spacing IIRC, and the newer rifles that have wider (1.0" c to c) spacing between the front sight screws.

If you're talking about a Marlin big bore rifle, OR if your front sight screw spacing is as I've described, then YES you can use this sight set.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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