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I have an older Savage 110 .30-06 that I am gearing up to rebarrel to .375H&H (I know the .30-06 works on everything in N America, but the H&H is my favorite cartridge). The max COAL for .375H&H is .200" longer than the typical long action calibers, but the Savage happens to have a very generous bolt throw and ejection port and can handle the long rounds with minor magazine modification. I can load one .375 round into the .30-06 magazine and close the bolt over top of it already, so even with no modification I would have a two shot rifle. My dad has a Remington 700 in .375H&H and it is the same action as the .30-06 length rifles, just seems to have a longer bolt throw and bigger magazine. My understanding is that the Winchester M70's also run a .375H&H on their standard long actions, they're just opened up toward the rear of the ejection port.

I have recently looked into the Marlin X rifles (online, haven't handled one) and I find them quite a bit more attractive than the Savage around the rear of the bolt/tang area. Also I could sell my blued Savage and for not much more money have a stainless X7S. I understand they use the same barrel nut system as the Savage and that Savage prefit barrels will work once you face off the chamber for bolt nose clearance. What I don't know is if the Marlin can function with the longer cartridges.

So could somebody take some measurements for me?
What is the length of the loading/ejection port?
How long is the bolt throw?
With the bolt all the way to the rear and a cartridge in the magazine, is there unused space between the bolt and the back of the cartridge?

Am I crazy?

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