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I have an XD-9 with the 4" barrel. I also have an XDm-40 with the 4.5" barrel. The trigger in the XDm is slightly better than the XD, but not by much. The match grade barrel on the XDm doesn't produce significantly better accuracy than the "plain, old" barrel on the XD. About the only noticeable difference in the two is that the XDm has a comparably higher mag capacity than the XD (relative to calibers) and the interchangeable grip backstrap (which I do like). My son has an XD .45 with the 5" barrel, and he likes it, but I wouldn't try to carry that thing concealed -- it is big and heavy. Will say that it is built well and has digested everything we've thrown through it so far.

Both of mine are reasonably accurate -- full mags into 2" at 25 yards is easily doable, and they are both solid & reliably consistent regardless of what loads we are shooting. The XD-9 is the only handgun I have that my Daughter really likes to shoot (particularly if I am paying for the ammo). ;) ;D

If purchasing new, I would not pay the additional money for an XDm vs. the XD. Just my $0.02. I wouldn't have the XDm at all, if it weren't for having come across a used one that was less money than an XD is new. As far as plastic guns go (expect Roe to flame me, any minute now), I would get a Springfield XD over a Glock, anyday. But I still like my HK USP .40 as well. Other than the HK or the XD's, I would likely not purchase another plastic gun.
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