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Did a little work w/ the Pact Chronograph
XBR 8208 Powder test using Federal 210 primers
shooting the 356 Win 20" Barrel.
This was one shot just to check to see where I need to start so I can see if XBR 8208 is a viable powder and will check for an accurate load now that I know where to start.

180 Speer powder was too slow as 47 gr gave 2490 fps at 48 gr only got 2490 fps slightly compressed

200 RMRN 44 gr gave 2215 fps and 46 gr gave 2370 fps seems to be about max as primer was flat but no cratering

220 Speer 44 gr gave 2160 fps and 46 gr gave 2330 fps seems close to max w/ flat primer but no cratering
this seems to be a good load

225 Hawk flat point 45.5 grains was over max as had sticky case did not chrony, will try 45 gr

Below are different powders just for kicks as they are what I use in my 358 Winchester

180 Speer H-322 45 gr gave 2550 fps seems close to max

200 RMRN 47 gr Varget 2180 TOO Slow and was near full case

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Try some old H4198 around 40.1 grs with 200gr 35 Ftx bullet and you may get around 2500fps in a 20" barrel. No cratering or anything and might be a good load for the old .356.

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