Items For Trade:

First and foremost, mods if I am off base here please let me know and I will correct the post. I reread the rules and could not determine if the obligatory “I’ll take it followed by a PM to work out the details” language in reference to trade ads. This is my first WTT here.

Ammo, Components & Reloading Items: Barnes # 45831 250 grain XFN 45/70 bullets with cannelure. Two full boxes of 20 and one box that contains 19.
Condition/Extras: New old stock. I took them in a couple years ago and never used them. As far as I can tell, the part number is no longer available. Considering I will likely never work up a load for these (and probably wouldn’t be able to find more if I did), I’m trying to pass these on to someone that has a load with this particular bullet and NEEDS them.
Price: The cheapest I have found the TSX bullets online (which I believe are the type that replaced this bullet in production) is $33 a box. Someone jump in if I am wrong please. Realistically, I’m looking for a trade value in the $75-$90 range based on that but I’m open.
Shipping: We cover our shipping on each end for the trade.

Trade interests: 30-30 WIN brass, 170 gr FN projectiles for 30-30, 32-40 brass, 38-55 brass, a straight grip 336/1895 stock, 300 grain XTP mag projectiles in .430 or .452. Can add cash of course depending on the trade.

Will Trade For:

Other brass/projectiles