Up for your consideration is and old 1881 in 40-60. Gun was made in 1884, I had a thread on here discussing this gun and found out the date. I’ve never fired this gun because I’ve never had ammo. The bore isn’t great, and the barrel is wrung. There is some rifling in it yet, it might still shoot ok? I’ve bought this gun on an auction not knowing much about the model, I’ve decided to not collect the real old Marlins, therefore I’ll part with this one. I have $1350 in it, so looking for that plus shipping. Or trades of other Marlins. Payment USPS, or check. Money has to clear before I ship. First “I’ll Take It” followed by PM gets it. Gun ships in the USA only where legal. Since the gun is pre 1899, it can legally ship to your house. Feel free to ask questions.