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Ok, I know it is not a leveraction, but the Model 8 is an honorary leveraction in my book, and the father of the 35 Remington.

I have for sale a Remington Model 8 in 35 Remington. It is in very good condition. Made in 1929, comes with a vintage Lyman or Marbles folding tang sight ($100 value all by itself)

The rifle has the vast majority of the bluing left with some missing in the normal carry spot on the bottom of the receiver, and near the end of the barrel sleeve. There is minimal freckling on the receiver.

The bore is as new, and the action funtions smoothly. It is a very good shooter with the Remington green box 200 grain ammo.

The wood had scattered handling dings and a few light scratches. The forearm has been hand checkered, but was done so well, it looks better than factory checkering, and it helps with gripping the rifle while shooting. There is a diamond shaped insert in the bottom of the forearm. I presume it was put there to cover an old sling swivel hole or similar. It was also done long ago by a professional. The buttstock has a curved metal buttplate.

This is a really neat piece of history (indentical to one of the rifles used in the shootout that killed Bonny and Clyde). It is also a great shooter with ammo still readily available and relatively cheap. It is a John Browning design, and the first commercially produced semi auto rifle.

I will let it go for $475 + shipping to your FFL dealer.

I do not have the capability of taking or downloading digital photos, but have given an accurate description of the rifle, and will be happy to answer any questions.
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