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*****RIFLE MOVED TO GUNBROKER***** (thanks for looking)
I have a 1895 GBL which has seen less than 100 rounds through it for sale. I set up this rifle for one of my PH buddies in Zambia but out regulations have changed there recently and now I am sitting with a few 45/70's that I have to get rid of.

Rifle has the MR serial number with a New Haven, CT Barrel mark so it is an earlier Remington although it does not exhibit any of the off center sights nor is the bolt poorly cut.

I did a complete strip on the rifle to inspect it for all the obvious "issues" we have all read about here. At the same time I did a good job of polishing the action parts and smoothing out the loading gate.

It comes with a SKINNER barrel mount peep sight and a non standard front sight which actually works 100% with the skinner barrel peep - no adjustments needed - it is sighted in to 50-100 yards. I have found this sight set up to be the most usable for the guns I take to Africa.

In addition the rifle was stripped down to bare metal, received a phosperous solution dip and was then coated in Duracoat in the color of Midnight Bronze - a Cape Buffalo insignia is etched onto the receiver and the rifle is named KAKULI which is a local term for our old irritable buffalo bulls once they have been kicked out of the herd.

The lever has been "softened" which means I took off the sharp edges on it during the bare metal strip so it is easier on the hands and appears nicely rounded.

The laminate was completely stripped and sanded to make a tight and proper fit with the metal and then coated & sanded with multiple coats of boiled linseed oil and watco Danish oil which has resulted in a very smooth yet weathered look finish which provided excellent water resistance. the ONLY thing I can fault on the gun is that it came with a poor checkering cut on the stock so I did not bother to try and keep this, it now appears well worn but has the oil finish over it.

As with all the guns I take to Africa, it has a spare WWG bearproof ejector BUT I do not install these until one of the standard ejectors actually breaks - so it is still in the box.

The rifle has a nice leather sling and carries well.

I'm asking for what I put into the gun which is $800 plus shipping which would be another $40 - $840 total

Thanks for looking


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