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Wow! Totally surprised...

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About a month ago I noticed some flaking on the finish on my rifle. Well, I worked up the nerve to send it off to Paducah Shooters Supply in KY. 3 weeks later, and no phone call, I give them a ring. "Yup we got yer rifle, fixed the wood. Sent her back yesterday" I got it back two days ago, and WOW! Went from ho-hum, poorly checkered birch, to this!

Now I have a gun with beautiful walnut, a grip cap, a nice recoil pad. I can only surmise this is the wood off a 336c, but someone might correct me. This is an awesome surprise and I must thank the guy at Paducah for providing me with outstanding service. Now I need to pick a scope and dial it in.

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Thats purdy :eek: :eek:
That rifle is indeed right purty, y'all.
Very nice wood on there.I prefer the darker shades such as this myself. ;D
I'm stoked about it, I even gots me a Bullseye ;D
Lookin mighty nice! DP
:eek: Dats Nice !! Im impressed!!
Man that thing is beautiful!!!!
Nice looking ....Rich in tone, I like it!! Did you ask for a new stock or was this a big surprise? Mr fixit
I'm with Brian, that there is purtier than a plate of fried catfish! .DT
mr fixit said:
Nice looking ....Rich in tone, I like it!! Did you ask for a new stock or was this a big surprise? Mr fixit
I wrote them a note to call me before they did anything so I could talk about my options with the stock. They ended up taking my birch off and sent me this back no questions asked!
Wow! indeed BlueBomber! Geogeous wood. Looks like I'll have to upgrade mine soon. Thanks for sharing.

That looks great, nice match too!!! 8)
Customer service at its best right there!!!
I've heard nothing but great stuff about Paducah Shooters Supply. I haven't sent anything to them but good to know that they are just "that good".

Thanks for the report and pictures, great looking wood and rifle!.
Dang thoos boys did good woprk there, and this seems like the final straw in the 338 MX deal with them,,85618.msg813575.html#msg813575 looks like as soon as I gather up the funds I will have to buy it.
Bluebomber...glad you're pleased...and the work looks to be first rate...and a round of applause for you giving the the kudo's to the guys that did the work .... we need to give credit to them...that lever will be a joy to you over the'll regret the first scratch, but you'll also remember the day you got it, what you were doin', the buck you shot that filled your freezer...nothin' wrong with a beautiful tool...congrats and thanks for sharin'. Rod
Thanks for the replies guys, I totally jonesed about taking a hog in the next few weeks with my buddy.
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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