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Not sure if this should go here or Reloading. I guess we'll see where we end up...

Anyhoo, I finally got some new loads done for my new 336BL. Of course it took several range sessions but I think I'm happy with this result. 105 degrees today. Only getting hotter tomorrow and the next day so I had to get out there at Dawn's crack today. Not tack-driving but certainly minute-of-pig. Not sure if I computed group size correctly--I took the 4 largest spreads (1.625", 1.563", 1.5", 1.125") and averaged them (1.445") seeing that the rest fell in inside those. All shots at 100 yds.

The load:
Win. brass--trimmed to 2.03"
WLR primers
Powder--34.6gr. CFE223
Bullet--Sierra ProHunter Flat Nose 170 gr.
Heavy-ish FCD
Chrony--2256 fps.

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