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Long ago I made a post showing my suppressed 1895 SBL (sorry no pictures today but you can look it up with a search)

Last year I took a mule deer with a 500 grain hornady bullet moving subsonic. It penetrated like crazy but worked well.

Well the other day I was at a local reloading shop and saw a box of Woodleigh 550 grain .458 bullets. They are soft points so they should be ok in a mag tube. I got some loaded up with the same powder as the 500 grain (2400) and with the same load. It was doing about 890 FPS so I need to work up a new load. Because I have to seat the bullet really deep it takes up a lot of room. I plan to use Winchester Large Magnum Rifle primers because the loads are pretty light and I want the best ignition I can get.

I am a little worried about stability but this calculator says it will be fine. .458 caliber, 1.414 inches long, I set it for very cold (-40) but if I use it hunting it will likely be closer to +40 to +50 so stability should be better. I am aiming for a velocity around 1000-1075 FPS. Of course Ill try them at 50 yards on paper before running them through the suppressor to look for instability/keyholing.
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