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I've wondered if a tractor board would go well here. Most Marlin guys are country boys, boys usually either have a tractor, or have tractors in their past. I've even known guys to wax nostalgic over them. Me? We come from commercial fishing stock, and our diesels were usually mounted in hand built wooden boats to pull shrimp nets, or steel hulls to pull nets, scallop dredges, or even ferries. But in the last few years, we've adopted a few tractors and found them terribly useful, even for people who've spent a lot of their time on the water. Grandpa has an old 1940's tractor that I don't even know the brand of; Dad has a 1960 Oliver 550, and I'm half owner of a 1985 Ford 1310 with a FEL and that little 19 hp diesel is worth it's weight in gold.

I've also wondered if a food plot board or an atv board would go well here. Again, Marlins= hunters, food plots and atvs seem to go hand in hand. My Marlins have spent some time in the rack of an atv or in a stand overlooking a food plot.

Just ideas.
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