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I was talking to a friend who thought Pujols is overrated and why does he want A-Rod money? Well in my illness even I did not realize how good he is.

Normally I am with you with these pampered ballplayers, even St. Louis ones. I grew up with stories about Ted Williams, Musial, Ruth, etc., well you get the picture.

Here is a website I found for baseball and other major sports. It is easy to search through and it has every stat for every player. Simply put it is the best search engine for statistics that I have ever seen. I would bookmark it if I were you.

Pujols is perhaps the most special player I have ever seen, who will eventually surpass even A-Rod. Right from his first season he hit for 30+ HR's; 100+ RBI's; and hit for .300+ BA. He then did it again for his first 3 years. No one, not Babe, Ted, Joe, or anyone else ever did that feat. He then extended it by doing it every year of his 10 year career! Pete Rose came close to Joltin' Joe's 56 game streak with 44 games. No one will ever come close to this record! Plus he is not a broken down player, but barely into his prime. I am only including his awards and where he was in the voting, because even I did not know how good he is.

Just take a look. Rookie of the Year and 4th in MVP voting the same year! His next 9 years show 3 MVP's, 4 second place, 1 third place and 1 ninth place! Holy S*it and here's the kicker that shows how much the voters respect him. In his 10 years he has won only 1 batting crown, 2 HR crowns and 1 RBI crown! Although he rarely finished #1 in a category, he was near the top every year.
He is a freakin' machine (actually that is one of his nicknames). Another so called unlikely to be broken record is Aaron's 2297 career RBI's. Well A-Rod had about 1205 RBI's his first 10 years, Albert has 1230. As a matter of fact if Albert just averages about 100 RBI's per year for the next 10 years, he will break it.

2001 21 STL NL AS,MVP-4,RoY-1,SS
2002 22 STL NL MVP-2
2003 23 STL NL AS,MVP-2,SS
2004 24 STL NL AS,MVP-3,SS
2005 25 STL NL AS,MVP-1
2006 26 STL NL AS,MVP-2,GG
2007 27 STL NL AS,MVP-9
2008 28 STL NL AS,MVP-1,SS
2009 29 STL NL AS,MVP-1,SS
2010 30 STL NL AS,MVP-2,GG,SS

I also had to include this website of the top 25 baseball salaries in 2010 and Albert does not even make the list!

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