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Winchester Timber Carbine 444 ported

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Just picked up a new toy at an auction to go with my Marlin 444P. The only issue was the butt plate. The original was cracked in a bag and someone put a Simms on it. I got a great price $525.00. Does anyone know of a source for a new Winchester butt plate. ;D
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Did you try Gun Parts Corp., West Hurley, NY?
Good price, Cabela's here has had one on the rack for 800.00. +1 on Gun Parts Corp. DP
Try a place called Midwest Gun Industries. They managed to find a front and rear sight for a 9410 I picked up at a gun show a couple weeks ago. They didn't have the parts listed and the rep said he'd call back. He actually did call back a couple hours later and they got here pretty quick too.
Some nice pick ups in here, it does cry out for the right plate. Well done.
Also, try googling Bob's Gun Part or Bob's Gun Shop. She is a beauty. Reminds me of my 94 Big Bore 356.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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