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Winchester Brass

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Anybody have problems with 45-70 Winchester Brass base sizes? I bought two 50 round bags and found had three shells that had different base sizes. I measured the base of the cartridges and found that they were .050" smaller in diameter than the rest of the pack. The only reason I noticed is becuase they kept popping out of the shellholder during priming.
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A friend of mine had that problem a few months ago. He only had two out of 150. I thought that happens sometimes and did not think anymore about it. Now it seems Dave you had the same problem. It is an easy fix either contact Winchester or chuck them out. I actualy use Starline, I have about 500 cases and have not had any problems. It now seems interesting if anyone else has had this problem.
I had that same problem with Remington .444 brass. Measured the two batches and there was a big difference. Some would not fit the shellholder.
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