Model 1873.....44/40 cal....30 inch Octagon Barrel
A true piece of Americana. I have owned it for over 20 yrs. Beautiful for being 137 years old.
Letter from Cody Firearms Museum dates to 1885, included with sale.
I know it's history going back to the 1920's when due to an unintentional discharge in the house it lived the rest of it's life in the attic. Missing dust cover, everything else is original. I have fired it but the bore is pretty bad, not very accurate.
A good candidate for a sleeve or rebore to .45 cal. ?
I tried to show everything in the pix but will provide more on request.

$1000 shipped and insured via UPS to the lower 48 in a hard plastic case (Plano) to your FFL.
Not sure if FFL is needed due to age.
First "I'll take it" followed by PM gets it.