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Williams receiver sight

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This photo was sent by a friend. Sorry, but I have zero knowledge of the hunter or location.

But success is clearly illustrated!!

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Nice pic! Years ago I put a Williams receiver sight on my Marlin 94 in .41 Magnum. I also removed the front sight hood, and replaced the sight blade with one containing a small brass bead at the top. It picks up light nicely, and the whole setup works almost as good as a low powered scope. I'm afraid young, new shooter don't value the old-time receiver sight like they ought to. Heck, even the military is giving up on it in favor of red dot sights & scopes.
Picasso couldn't have made a purtier picture ;D

Nuth'n like a Marlin 336 posing with a whitetail deer it just mades friends with ;D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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