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Just thought I'd share some information with other Marlin 925 owners who may have been thinking of a rear peep on their rifle.

I installed the low profile Williams FP-GR TK Reciever Sight on my 925 last night after relieving a bit of wood from the side of the wood stock as to make sure I could get the lowest setting possible so as to not have to do anything to the front sight. It worked as my 25 yard zero from this morning is dead nuts on at 25 yards (Federal 510B) with the sight being set on the 3rd hash mark from the top on the elevation adjustment bar. This leaves me quite a bit of elevation adjustment for the future.

My biggest concern was that if I didn't get the low profile Reciever Sight set as low as possible when installing it - that I may have to do something with the front sight, perhaps making it taller. As it worked out, the combination I used worked great with no front sight alterations needed. (This was not the case with my Marlin 795 where I had to make the front sight taller by installing a "tall" pin front sight which I put a hood over when I did that rifle with the same Williams FP-GR TK Reciever Sight last year).

So, if you've been wondering what Reciever Sight will work on your 925 without needing to change or alter your existing front sight, this is the one... At least it is for me. :)

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