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Found a cartridg I am not familiar with: a 35 cal bullet in a necked down 444 case.

I guess you could call it a 444/35. I pulled the bullet, a copper jacketed spitzer type that weighs 265gr.

Is anyone familiar with this round? What can you tell me about it?



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Sure looks like it. I think I like the 444 better. I have a 35 Rem, but it won't compete with the jdj round.


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.358 JDJ

It is the .358 JDJ which is, as you indicated, based on the .444 Marlin case. The case is trimmed back .100" then necked down. The JDJ series of wildcats were designed to give added range and power to the Thompson/Center Contender single shot pistols. Here is what J. D. Jones had to say about the 358 JDJ, 20 years ago:

"358 JDJ - Fine for anything in the U.S., except large bears, with the 250 grain Speer. I consider this bullet too fragile for truly large game. Flat trajectory with the 250 spire point. Some pistol bullets (38/357) disintegrate in mid-air. It's usefulness has increased considerably since the introduction of several new bullets designed for single shot pistols; the 225 grain Sierra and 225 and 250 grain Swift Premium bullets. It can now be highly recommended."

I have never fired one but understand that it is in the same power range as the .358 Winchester.

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