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Preferably in order, the bans and restrictions (at the Federal level) that have beset all law abiding citizens of the United States?

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SquirrelSniper said:
Nobody? Come on, someone here knows.
OK I think I got this one:

1.) Ted Kennedy
2.) Hillary Kennedy
3.) Bill Kennedy
4.) Feinstien Kennedy
5.) and Finally......All lazy repubs that won't do squat to prevent it Kennedy.

Am I close?

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Close! :lol: Don't forget RINO's like our own Senator Warner. To be honest I am patently disgusted with the GOP. I at least expect the Democrats to be card carrying commies! Anyhow, back on track...

1934 National Firearms Act (34 NFA)

US vs Miller, it's the granddaddy of them all. Congress overstepped its bounds yet again by declaring that taking a shotgun across state lines is considered 'interstate trade' and therfore subject to their preview. This thign is so full of holes it's not funny but here's a brief synopsis. Shotguns must have barrels of 18" or longer, rifles 16" Supressors are Class III items, all class III items are subject to a $200 tax stamp.

Supressors made the list due to people poaching game during the Great Depression

It was determined that the sawed off shotgun in this case was not a weapon used by or suited for militia use! Think of this, the SCOTUS said that weapons used in the military or by a militia are specifically protected by the second amendment!!!!

The case was BS, it started because the revenuers didn't find any boose (Miller and Co were bootleggers) but they did find a sawed off shotgun.

Miller was not present at the court hearing and was tried and convicted in absentia. He was never heard from again BTW.

The government lied and no one challenged them, sawed off shotguns were and are once again being used by our military.

No one ever challenged the decision.

1968 Gun Control Act (68 GCA)

In response to Robert Kennedy and MLK getting shot. Startlingly enough it’s almost word for word legislation passed 3 decades earlier by the Nazis. Yes, you read that right, we adopted legislation that was present and familiar in Nazi Germany. Oh the joy!

It ended the mail ordering of guns, required all guns to have serial numbers.
Major Provisions:
· Established categories of prohibited firearms purchasers and possessors.
Convicted felons, fugitives from justice, illegal drug users or addicts, minors, anyone adjudicated mentally defective or having been committed to a mental institution, anyone dishonorably discharged from the military, illegal aliens, anyone having renounced U.S. citizenship.
· Licenses and set standards for gun dealers.
Establishes licensing fee schedule for manufacturers, importers, and dealers in firearms; sets record-keeping standards; requires licenses to be obtained from the Secretary of the Treasury; requires serial numbers on all guns.
· Prohibits the mail-order sales of all firearms and ammunition.
· Prohibits the interstate sale of firearms.
A handgun purchaser may only buy a gun in the state in which he/she resides; however, long gun sales to individuals in contiguous state that did not violate either state law, were allowed. (Today, long guns may be purchased from gun dealers in any state, regardless of purchaser's state of residence).
· Sets age guidelines for firearms purchased through dealers.
— Handgun purchasers must be at least 21.
— Long gun purchasers must be at least 18.
· Prohibits the importation of non-sporting weapons.
The importation of "Saturday Night Special" handguns and some semiautomatic assault rifles (the 43 weapons covered in the 1989 Bush Administration ban) as well as two military shotguns have been barred under this section of the law.
· Sets penalties for carrying & using firearms in crimes of violence or drug trafficking.
· Prohibits importation of weapons covered in the National Firearms Act and extends NFA restrictions to machine gun frames and receivers and conversion kits (i.e., parts to make machine guns).
· Prohibits importation of foreign-made military surplus firearms.
· Prohibited the sale and manufacture of new fully automatic civilian machine guns (effectively freezing the number of them in circulation).
This provision was adamantly opposed by the NRA. In fact, some of its most radical members did not want the McClure/Volkmer bill to pass if it contained this provision.
Immediately following the enactment of this law, the NRA announced that "its highest priority" in the next Congress would be to repeal the ban on machine guns. To date they have not introduced legislation to do this.
· Prohibited the sale of parts or "conversion kits" - used to make semiautomatic firearms fully automatic.

· Classifies silencer parts and kits as weapons falling under the National Firearm Act.
1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA )

Better known as the 86 Machine gun ban (86 MG ban)
President Reagan signed the bill into law that protected gun owners from all kinds of BS laws. No more thumbprints or signatures for ammo among them. At the last minute however the law was amended with a provision that closed the NFA MG registry to new MG’s. All machine guns made sine them are “post dealer samples”. Government agencies, cops , and other dealers with the proper license can buy these machine guns, but not the general public.

1989 Import Ban

Again, my distrust and dislike of the Bush family stems from Daddy Bush banning the import ban

1989 Import Ban
In 1989, then President George signed an Executive Order halting the importation of semi-automatic rifles that could not meet certain "sporting" criteria into the U.S. That ban was later made into law in on November 30, 1990 and later amended in 1993. The section is 18 USC Chapter 44, subsection 178.39 and is entitled Assembly of semiautomatic rifles and shotguns. This provision of the law was made to close a supposed loophole that allowed people to assemble a banned rifle or shotgun from parts. The law specifically
stated it was illegal to assemble a rifle or shotgun from imported parts unless a certain percentage of parts that were manufactured here in the U.S. were included in the complete assembly. Because the FN/FAL, along with all of its many variants, was specifically listed in the first Importation Ban, it meant that you could not assemble a FAL from one of the many kits that were then and now being legally imported unless you used the right number of domestically produced parts. This domestic parts exclusion allowed the continued production of the Springfield Armory SAR4800 and the many models of FALs from Entréprise Arms and D.S. Arms, Inc.

The 1989 Importation Ban listed 20 parts that were considered by our government to be essential in the making of a non-sporting rifle and those parts are listed below. An individual that wanted to assemble a banned firearm from a parts kit could NOT use more than 10 parts that were not produced here in the U.S. and included in this list.

1. Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forging, or stampings
2. Barrels
3. Barrel extensions
4. Mounting blocks
5. Muzzle attachments
6. Bolts
7. Bolt carriers
8. Operating rods
9. Gas pistons
10. Trigger housings
11. Triggers
12. Hammers
13. Sears
14. Disconnectors
15. Buttstocks
16. Pistol grips
17. Forearms, handguards
18. Magazine bodies
19. Magazine followers
20. Magazine floorplates

There’s the Brady Bill which among other things requires waiting periods on firearms purchases. Here in VA we have a ‘one gun a month’ law. Etc

1994 Assault Weapon Ban

First off an ‘Assault weapon’ is a select fire weapon. An AR15 is NOT an assault rifle, an M16 IS.

Patently useless and thank GOD it’s gone. This piece of rubbish prohibited such evil items as flash suppressors, telescopic stocks, pistol grips, ‘high’ capacity magazines, and the infamous and deadly bayonet lug. God fearing Law abiding citizens subjects of the United States of America were prohibited from owning these items if manufactured after Sept 14th 1994, but the uber citizens, the highly trained and never incompetent or ignorant police officers and government agents were just fine and dandy and could be trusted to safely use the same.

Those are the main ones. I know I only gave a brief description of each, if you have questions please let me know, I’ll do my best to answer them all.

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Very good, you are on the ball. Now mix in a round of golf or a shooting session at the range every now and then so your head doesn't explode. :wink:

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RV Stallard said:
Very good, you are on the ball. Now mix in a round of golf or a shooting session at the range every now and then so your head doesn't explode. :wink:
I'm no good at golfing and didn't like it much...except for the carts! LOL If it were played with only an M203 and a putter I'd be into it, but alas it's not. I'm headed out now to a state park on the eastern shore with the family. $18 a day to cross and recross that dag blasted bridge.
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