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Tomray said:
Maybe some one else can shed more info on dipping ??
The Lee dipper kit comes with a chart that has every powder in it, and how to relates to weight.

We dipped some 300 win mag, that had a max charge of 69 grain. After weighing the dipper load, it was 71 grain. SO we could not use it. It was extruded H4350

On the other hand I used Reloader 7, and the 2.8 & 3.1 dipper, and they both weighed right on the money. The 2.8 load was real nice, the 3.1 was a 45-70 arm breaker.

I also used the .5 dipper which is 4 grains, and it works nice with my black powder load.

Ball & flake powder seem to be right on. We decided only to use them for moderate loads. Which we very rarely load. normally we load spheres to the wall.
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