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Could anybody give me advice about which front sight to put on my 1895cb. I currently have a Williams fp on back order and for the time being the rifle has a one-ragged-hole ghost ring. With my 2000 fps loads, I'm hitting three feet above the target with the sight ramp all the way down, so I'm guessing I'm going to need a new front blade with the williams too. I'm hoping to be able to shoot slower (around 1350-1400 fps) plinking loads too, so I'm hoping to find a combination that will fit within the range of the williams fp's adjustments. The gun came with a sight blade that measures .410.

I also noticed that it says on the midway websight that installation of these (I was looking at the marble's) requires gunsmithing. I've never changed one of these before, what is involved? Can a clumsy guy like me do it without screwing up the dovetail in the barrel or the sight?
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Zeke, I had to call Williams direct & talked to a salrsman, & he sent me the right front site. Take a brass punch & tap the site out. Lay the gun right side down, place a block of wood under the barrel, & tap the site out. It goes out left to right. reverse the process to install the new one, & make sure you center it. Good Luck! 444 :D :D :D :D
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