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Been a few years for me... But following dialing in the windage at 25 yards, I run the back sight to the bottom, then come back up 5 clicks. Then adjust the front sight up or down to get rounds on target to hit 2" high at 25 yards. Then verify correct windage at 100 yards, and rounds should still be about 2" to 2-1/2" high at the same 100 yards. Then fine tune it at 250 yards. Things should be about dead-nuts on at 250 yards, which if I am remembering correctly used to be the battle sight zero. Flipping to the other aperture should put you on at 400 yards, which again, if I am remembering correctly, were long-range battle sight zero.

Haven't been through the process for many years though. It might be fun to go through the excersize from scratch again.
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