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Which 1911?

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I am looking to buy a new 1911 in 9mm. Narrowed my choices down to a Springfield loaded or a kimber custom 11. Would like to hear any pros and cons on these 2 from anyone with either. Thanks for your help guys.
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I have one of each in .45. The Kimber seems to run a bit smoother but for some reason I always grab the Springfield when we do our club shoots. You will be happy with either one I'm sure. Both are great firearms. Post pics when you make your choice.
I understand Kimbers are good guns, and lots of folks like them, but I also understand there are proprietary parts in there.
Couldn't tell you which ones.
If someone knows, I'd be interested.
I like to stay away from as many proprietary parts as possible, but you can't always do that.
When it comes to 1911s, more mil-spec is better.

Other than the Swartz safety parts on the Series II guns there are no proprietary parts in a Kimber 1911 that can't be replaced with a Series 70 1911 part. And the Swartz safety can be removed/bypassed with little effort.
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I have 2 Springfields and 1 Kimber. The Springfields are full size- 1 in 9mm and 1 in 45/45Super. The Kimber is the compact Ultra Carry II.

All of the guns have great triggers, are reliable functioning guns, and are very accurate.

The 2 Springfields are project guns- built for fun and experimenting. They are 80- 90% after market parts with custom fitting. The Kimber is just as it came from the factory.

For a great gun, right out of the box- get a Kimber.

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