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Everyone's experiences differ a bit and while there are lots of Springfield fans among the members here, I can't count myself as one of them. I purchased a new Springfield Stainless TRP, their top of the line pistol at the time, for my wife quite a few years ago. I won't get into all the details, but this 1911 needed a fair amount of work before it would function properly, including but not limited to, a rough feed ramp, terrible trigger, issues with the sights, and rough edges and burrs in abundance.

It took just a bit longer to realize the beavertail grip safety on this stainless gun was actually carbon steel in the white, evident by how it would rust at the slightest provocation. When I called Springfield's customer service I was met with a brick wall and comments like "impossible...couldn't happen" and they refused to even inspect the pistol. (I subsequently proved the grip safety was indeed unblued carbon steel and replaced it myself) For good reason, it remains the only "Springer" I've ever owned.

Conversely, I now have three Kimbers and each and every one has been 100% reliable, with fine triggers right out of the box, and immaculate fit and finish. One was customized by the good folks at Clark Custom into a .460 Rowland, but the other two remain box-stock, needing nothing in the way of tuning or customizing to make them the fine pistols that they are.

Obviously, In a comparison between Springfield and Kimber, my preferences run towards the latter, but I'm sure there are others who's experience may be just the opposite. My best advice...handle an example of each with a critical eye and pay close attention to details as you do...both internally and externally.

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