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I have a Kimber pro-Raptor 2.
It came with everything I wanted.
Nice trigger, night sights, and more
extras than you can imagine.
If I would have bought a Springfield and
had all this work done, it would have cost
me more than the Kimber did originally.

I was told by my BIL, who is a LE official, that
he had seen a Kimber prone to jamming at the
range once. Mine has only jammed once, and
that was when I tried to feed it ammo that
had a HUGE hollow point designed to stop dinosaurs
or something. I forget the brand. BIL gave them
to me...Typical of LE to load up like that.
Anyway, I stick with round bullets, like John
Browning intended, and since I have never had a
feeding issue.
The Kimber is all I ever wanted in a 1911. I had a
Colt Commander once, and my Kimber is what I wished
the Colt would have been.
Spend they money, and you won't regret it, man.

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Own several Kimbers, never a Springfield so I can't give an opinion on them. If I had Deep pockets I'd Cary an Ed Brown but for now I think Kimber is the best bang for the buck. I stuck in a time warp?....
In the circles I move in a Kimber requires deep pockets, man...
But seriously, if I was gonna step up from mine I'd have to
try a Wilson Combat, Man.
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