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Yeah...he says that here...all the while feverishly searching the auction sites for a Model 63...or a Model 18...or...or...or.... Mouse in one hand, beer in the other...pausing occasionally, with trembling hands, to wipe the beads of sweat from his brow, with a fistfull of that cash that's "burning a hole", as the bids go higher and higher...while he keeps me close at hand on speed dial, calls coming at all hours of the day and night...questions fired in such rapid succession, I have to remind him to breath occasionally......

Yeah...just not much out there....

....and so very considerate of you to be so helpful.
You really could have noted that he didn't include a single windowsill shot, give the old boy a bit of credit.
Awful nice bunch of fine S&W's there, hard to believe such a discerning collector doesn't have a Model 57.
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