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I just bought my second 336 online. I liked the gun and didn't ask what model it was and the seller did not say. I may have paid a hefty price for a 90% gun but what the heck its mine..well almost, its in transit now. It was 285. but after shipping & transfer it was 315. I first thought the gun was a 336T but I am not quite sure. It is supposed to be a 1952, J serial #. It is 35 Rem, straight stock, round lever and here's the kicker, a 18.5" barrel w/full length mag tube. The 18.5" barrel length is what throws me? Also, it has a serrated top receiver. I did not think that Marlin came out with the 35Rem until 1953? I am starting to think this gun has had a barrel change at some point and time.
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