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what is a marlin 336 cs worth?

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title says it all, a pure marlin gun, in great shape, rated at about 90%, some minor scuffs, nothing big at all

selling is asking just over 300 for it, is it worth that or do they normally sell higher/lower, looking for a general idea

please let me know

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I honestly don't know what the fair market price would be for a 336CS, but I have one of those models in about the same shape as you described and I wouldn't sell it for $300.
Just went to a gun show in Oregon and I hate to say yes But in gun stores they in that ball park to.Try to get them down it probly will not work but mabe you can get a box of shells with it. A 336 isn't going to be any cheaper come hunting season.
I paid $225 plus tax for my 1983 CS in .35 Remington in great shape a few months ago at a local pawn shop, but I think that was pretty much a steal. I do a fair amount of business with those folks, and they're the FFL I use when I buy on-line. If he's asking $300 for it, I'd offer him less, say $250. The worst he can do is refuse at that price, but that's where I'd start the negotiation for the rifle. I think I'd definitely pay as much as $275 for it and might go for $300 if I really wanted it. I know I've gone on the high side to pay for rifles I really wanted. After all, it's only money, and, in this case, money can buy happiness.
i like the way you think brain......well right now i got a trade pending on one, but if i can sell my handgun, i will start throwing offers out there

money does buy happiness
Money + Guns = Happiness ;D
In my area I'm seeing any where from $250.00 to $450.00 with no major reason for the price swing .........except maybe just seeing what the market will bear
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