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What is a decent price for 1894 in 357 Mag

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Saw this nice looking 357mag 1894 in a pawn shop lately. I have several 336 models but know nothing about the 1894 versions and about as much about the 357 caliber. Any thoughts or information appreciated. The gun is in very good shape. Blue/Walnut. No push button safety. Thanks John
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I bought mine one year ago brand new for about $600.00. Perhaps you should look around on
GH1 :)
Come on guys...................give some kind of idea!
I just purchased one last week, an older one for $450 out the door.
I was offered one about a month ago at a local shop for $410. I already have one, and was wanting a different caliber to keep my 357 company! ;)

It was an '82 in fine shape, and mighty tempting. I had to stay away from that shop until it was gone! ;D

I bought a new one about a month ago $595.00 it's a Remington nice gun but I'd rather have a older one without the safety and made by Marlin. I looked high and low couldn't find one. Hope ya get it CHEAP. It's a blast to shoot.
Thanks to those who responded. I think I get the picture. You know, I kind of hate to go to the auction sites because for the most part I think they are high. I usually buy a Marlin or two every year and I can tell you this, I always buy them for less than what I see similar gun s for on the auction sites AND I don't have to pay shipping or an FFL charge. Those two things right there add up to a good chunk of change. Mostly I just hit the pawn shops in my travels and find that many will deal pretty good from now until mid July. Not so much as hunting seasons near or during season. This rifle is in very good condition without a safety and I think I can get it for $400 or so. They also have a 444 that has caught my eye and maybe I'll try to do a package deal. The 444 is not in as good a shape but not bad and is also pre-safety. I have one 444 and absolutely love it. I take two guns to deer camp and the 444 is always one of them and the other is usually a 35 or a 32. I have quite a few Marlins but no 1894's. 336 (multiple versions), 36, 39, 444.............but no 1894. I like the lines of the gun. I just have never had a caliber like 357 in a rifle. In one sense it seems under powered and in another, too big and slow for a varmit gun. I don't know...........what do you all use these for? I guess deer and similar game as long as you are SURE your shots are under 100 yards and likely under 75. I just can't see me taking it to camp and feeling real confident, probably not appropriately so but nonetheless, uncomfortable. Talk me into or out of it because I like the look but question everything else.
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Talk to a pawn buddy today who had one come out and sell the next day. He was not there and felt like he could have got more than $375. I, too own one, but have not hunted with it. There is lots of documentation/pics on net showing down deer. Gonna try it soon on hogs.

Based on data for this track:

Marlin 1894C 18-in Bbl Rifle in .357 Magnum, .38 Special, Plus. Bluebook of Gun Values (31st Edition) indicates between $365 in 95% condition and $550 in 100% condition for this gun. I have 93 recorded prices for this model gun from $325 to $705 over a period of 5 Yrs 10 Mos ending February 16, 2011. The average price as of that date was $495. No refurbs, no refinishes, regular sights. All represented as 95% or better. No distinction for import location or engineering revision, if any, no special editions, no distinctions for box, papers, tools. Current or last MSRP is $687.72.
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A local pawn shop has a EC, pre-safety 1894 .44 Mag for $490.00. The .44 Mag 1894 makes for a fine 100-150 yard deer gun and the .357 Mag will do good at 50-100 yards. They are light, quick handling, and powerful enough for Eastern hunting. Most 1894's are not as accurate as 336's for some reason, but the 1894 should shoot better than 4 inch 100 yard groups, which makes them plenty accurate enough for hunting deer.
Bought a 44 before my rotator surgery pre-safety very good shape he had $475.00 on it. I looked high and low for a 357 couldn't find one so I bought new. I'd jump on one for $300.00. Made by Marlin my 357 is a Remington.
in really good condition, 500 or less id be all over it. depending on condition, and my desire, as much as 600 maybe.

it all depends on what it is worth to you.
Maybe I should buy it, play with it a bit and sell it and make $100 or more. Sounds like I may have some interest here. I have thought about this gun for 2 days and have come to the conclusion that if I got it, it would be for "joy" shooting. I am not going to go hunting with it, even though I know I certainly could. I know I'd reach for the 35 or the 32 every time over the little 357mag. I had to really talk to myself and ask; do you really think you'd hunt this gun? The answer, probably not. So, I reasoned with myself, if you buy it just know it will be a "toy" purchase and see a lot of safe time. Not looking good for purchase unless I can make a sweet bundle deal with the 444 this shop also has. Honestly, I don't NEED any more Marlins. My daughter just ask me; "why do you keep buying these things, you can only use one at a time, you could hunt every day of any month and not use the same Marlin twice-------it is insane." I looked at her and could not argue with her logic and then said this: "they just bring me joy and, at my age, that might be reason enough". She just shook her head and walked away. I do feel a bit guilty having beautiful nice hunting guns do more sitting than hunting. It is like spending good money for a blue blood hunting dog and then making it nothing but
a house pet. They look all content and satisfied in the safe when I open the door but I know they are all on anti-depressants!
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Maybe I should buy it, play with it a bit and sell it and make $100 or more. Sounds like I may have some interest here.
Sound enough reasoning to my mind.
I understand your 'pain' as it were.
Mine, however, is that you found such a deal, just one state away ;)

How good? Good enough to take even though I am in hold mode until after a June wedding
(and to make sure I still have a job after this for a while -- don't want to have to sell after buying).

For $300...and $24 tax here in would be snuggled up in my safe.

You can make at least $100 on it, probably more UNLESS you take it out and shoot a box or two of ammo. In that case, you keep it and let the daughter shoot it "if she repents of her hard attitude" about your toys. It's the perfect deer gun for a lady in brush country.

My wife has a similar attitude, but we've spent a small fortune on tillers and seeds or plants for her garden. Every year we till it up; she hits it with ROUND UP, etc; does the planting; then it gets too wet or too hot or ? and the weeds take over. (She's 68 and I'm 62.) We're in our 16th year of marriage and 15 repetitions of the garden fiasco.
Well if .357 is too small to hunt and you want an 1894, why not go get a 44 mag or 45 Colt and go find a bear that needs a good thumping? :D
Gee there is nothing wrong with the 357 as long as you pay attention to its limitations. With Buffalo Bore loads it is basically a 30-30 when fireed from and 18 or 20 inch barrel. So anything you can do with a 30-30 you can do with a 357 mag. Some would say its even a little better than a 30-30 due to the large bullet daimeter. It really doesn't matter much the differences in the two are basically on paper and not any realistic field differences. A 44 mag or 45LC is certianly better but not so much as to matter on most whiteltail deer and at ranges of 100 yards or less I doubt you would see much of a difference.

I too stop in pawn shops and local gunstores when I travel, but I rarely find Marlins in anything but 30-30 and have never seen a used 1894 in any shop I have tried in TX or OK. I did pick up a winchester 94 in 30-30 for $150. It was a little rough on the outsdie but the barrel was brite and sharpe once I cleaned it. Seems to shoot well too but I haven't been able to go to the range with it.
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I got one last month from a Texas DPS officer walking around a gun show with it for $400.00.1979 model almost new.Had williams receiver sights on it.
dgslr said:
I got one last month from a Texas DPS officer walking around a gun show with it for $400.00.1979 model almost new.Had williams receiver sights on it.
You got A DEAL!
As for using a 357 rifle for hunting, that extra barrel length brings a whole new world to the 357.,87494.0.html
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