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What heavy ammo to use in 1894 .44mag for hogs?

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Hello All, I would like to know what heavy factory ammo to use in my 1894 .44mag for hogs, I have used the winchester white box 240gr ammo on deer but thought I'd use something a little heavier on hogs as the hogs taken will very from medium to large(Hogs will be taken at medium range -100yrds). I have an 1895 guide gun in 45-70 and I know many may suggest I use that but I have already taken both deer and hogs with it in years past and now want to take a Hog(or several) ;D with the 1894. I would also like to know what brand and weight of ammo ya'll might suggest as well. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your input. ;D
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That Winchester 240 grain bullet shoots great out of my rifle. I have not used them on hogs. Seems to hit hard. My bet is they would work great on hogs.

Corbi, Thanks for the reply. I thought I would go with a heavier weight of bullet but I think I will stick with the winchester 240gr stuff, it seems to work alright. I used it on a spike buck in December and the ammo dropped the deer in it's trscks...
Since a 150 grain soft point out of a 30-30 is very effective on hogs I can't imagine that a 240 grain lead bullet out of a .44 magnum would not be.
I've never used anything heavier than 240gn on pigs and those Win. white box are as good as any.

I think I will stick with the winchester whitebox stuff 240gr ammo. I have used it with no problems or compaints so far.... Actually we and a friend of mine were discusssing using 30-30 VS A .44MAG(carbine) to hunt hogs. My friend stated that he thought the 30-30 was better choice for hogs and had more knockdown power than the .44. Now I don't know about that,but if you shoot a larger diameter bullet with more grains into a hog at a distance of 100yrds or less I think it will be just as effectife if not more.... And you may Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.....
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A friend and I were hog hunting last October, he with a 30-30 and I with a Marlin 44 magnum, when a large sow jumped out of some bushes. I couldn't see it; he shot it and dropped it on the spot. His commented that of all the rifles he has shot hogs with the 30-30 was the most effective. (Actually, his favorite hog hunting gun is his Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter, in 44 magnum.)
FWIW, IMO the first 100 yards, the .44 RULES. Consider a 240g bullet moving @ 1700 ~ 1800 fps at the muzzle vs a 150g ~ 170g bullet moving @ 2200fps.

I'll admit it's close, but mass wins out IMO. The better BC and higher velocity makes the 30-30 the better choice at distance.

BP loads relied on mass and caliber - and they worked well for a long time.
Snapping Twig, Agreed. I believe mass wins out also...I also agree that if the distance were pushed back to 150yrds or more I would also favor the 30-30 for better range performance but for close and personal from 60-100yrds, I would tend to prefer the larger heavier bullet....Just my humble opinion.
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