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What Can You Tell Me About Triggers On 444's

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Can you let me know what you have had done to your triggers and why? Recomendations, Gunsmiths etc...
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Check out the "Gunsmithing" section here at MO, especially the "basic triggers" sub-section. Pay particular attention to to those posts written by Swany.,86.0.html

If that's a bit more than your comfortable with the, Wild West trigger kit is a popular do-it-yourself addition. Wild West has their own section under "Industry Partners".,72.0.html

Thanks for the direction...
I put the Wild West Happy Trigger kits in both of mine. Well worth it!. They are on sale at Midway this month.
Thanks All!

With the leed on the sale price at Midway, I bought a WWH trigger today to try out in my Outfitter.

375Win, I am curious as to how the polishing jobs compared to your WWH trigger as I have an early 444 gold trigger I may need to work on.


very subjective of course, but possibly the same ?? I didn't simply install the new WWH trigger and be done with it. I used fine-grit diamond files and hard Arkansas stones on every surface that moved and was in sliding contact. I even used an Arkansas stone on the WWH sear itself, just because I could. No contacting surfaces were un-smoothed, rather, every surface got worked.

before and after differences in "smooth" are huge. Last year I smoothed-up everything on my pal's Marlin levergun. The "before" trigger pull was gritty & crunchy. The "after" trigger pull was smooth & easy. I was amazed at how many machining marks I could see using a 10X loupe, some "before" surfaces looked more serrated than smooth.

and that is one reason I really like the Marlins: the design is so simple for disassembly and reassembly (just like a 1911 pistol, you can take it all apart and easily get it all back together without fear).

Do I like the WWH trigger ?? You bet. And doing all the other smoothing-up makes the whole mechanical system function that much better.


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I put Wild West triggers in all my marlins. After over a dozen 10 minute installs resulting in instant excellent result of drops in 2-4# in trigger pull per rifle, I can say they work wonderful. I would have nothing else in my Marlins.
I you have the ability to remove your trigger and install a WW trigger then you have the ability to follow the most excellent stickies and do your own trigger jobs for free or for the cost of a good stone. I just like tinkering on my rifles to make them slick.
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