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This wasn't around the campfire, but what a weekend!!!
I escorted my mom-in-law (Rose) for her grandson's wedding recently. It was about 450 mile trip.
Well, we were at a stoplight, I just took a swig of Pepsi when a mouse popped up from the defroster onto the dashboard right in front of Rose!! I about sprayed the Pepsi on the window, Rose screamed, loudly!! The mouse scampered back down the defroster, Rose is screaming and I'm trying to drive!!
Gave her a compact umbrella that I keep in the console, & extended it. Told her to give it a smack the next time it came up, she just keep hitting the dash to scare it. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks!! What a sight we must have been!! Pulled off, but there was nothing I could do. I felt it run across my feet a while later & it found a bag that Rose had a 1/2 eaten lunch cake in!! It was so funny as she tried to keep her feet off the floor!! I tried to convince her that it really didn't want to nibble her toes!!
A Home Depot was conveniently located across from the motel, so I was up bright & early to purchase a mouse trap!! A little peanut butter from a Reese's cup & the next morning it was caught. Thank goodness, as I would have had an interesting trip home, I'm sure!!! :shock:

Deb :)
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