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Well I went to browse the only local pawnshop that I can actually deal with and the owner suggested a new project 94 he had. It was missing a $4 screw from the reciever that made the rifle "inoperable". I looked it over and ended up walking out the door with it for $150. I'll get pics later hopefully. It's a Ranger 30-30. Finish is probably about 75-80%. I have the screw on the way from Numrich which with a pin in place it functions just fine. Real tight action. Forearm is decent but there's a really thin crack in the buttstock. I've got ordered a new buttstock w/ a crescent buttplate from Midway that I'm going to fit too it along with a Marbles tang sight. What I'm stuck on now is which route to go with the other end. I first thought 16.25" barrel chop. But I'm thinking of now ordering a Green Mountain 38-55 octagon barrel for it instead which would cost a few more hundred. I'm also going to have Predators in Knoxville TN ceramic coat it SOCOM blue when it's done which is really sharp. Durable and from a distance it looks just like bluing. Aside from attaching/chambering would there be anything else to the barrel swap? Bolt or magtube issues?
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