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I'm new here. Just acquired this rifle, ser. # AD52081. Can anyone clue me as to date of manufacture? THX
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Welcome to Marlin Owners (MO). Just give your question a little time -- one of the collectors will probably jump on it and fix you right up.
She was made in early 1968, see our Reference section below for YOM and other important type of stuff. Welcome aboard! Mr fixit
If I'm reading it right, I think it's an early 1968. DP (Mr. Fixit just confirmed what I thought.)
You acquired a nice little rifle there. Pictures are a must. I have one made in '65. With all these WesternFields showing up all of a sudden, maybe we should start our own little club to show differences between the years----If there is any?
Welcome to MO, blankmeyer.

I have a 1967 model WesternField 740, and am very fond of it.
You will enjoy your's for many years to come.

Good idea, Delbert.

Here's mine:

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Here's mine, but I changed out the Red Dot scope and put on a Burris FullfieldII scope, and now also wears a sling.
Lookin very good guys! Don't think I've run across one yet. DP
Thanks for the warm welcome and the help, folks. I haven't figured out how to get pictures on here yet, but will try to get some soon. I'm real happy with the rifle, just a good honest gun, looks to have been shot very little. It has factory rear barrel sights. I may be replacing those with a peep (what do you think of the tang sights?)

This is really a very informative forum. I have learned a lot already.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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