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After the happiness of a pig hunt, my son Jack has a renewed enthusiasm for shooting (even without his friends). He will spend time with his 22's. Usually goes through 250 rounds with a 9422, Smith and Wesson MP15-22, which is is very good with. He also will shoot my 32 mag. CB, 218 Bee, 25-20 and has a new interest in the bigger ones. We got a 308MXLR for hunting season. I've tweeked a couple of loads, and am working with that on my own. He was busy with the 30-30 and a load of 165gr, Ranch Dog cast boolit with 20gr. of H4198 and believe it or not my new 1895CB. Here he is with the realization that the 45-70 is a big round.

Here is loading the thing. He is 5 foot 3 and 90#. All of 11 years old.

Turn up the sound. You can hear the pings...

I'm tickled pink he wants to shoot it, but I thought the recoil would slow him down a bit. He fired off 20 rounds after I had my 50, and didn't seem the worse for wear. Of course, they are not full power, but here he is shooting 13gr. of Unique. It gives the 405gr. Lyman 457643 right at 1150fps.

He is firing at steel plates at 50 yards. He would shoot mainly the big one to begin with and then went to hitting the 4 inch plates. The last shows him nailing it with that 30 mph wind freehand at 50 yards. Kid must have it!

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Looks like he really enjoy shooting that .45-70 :)!

I have a daughter at the same age as your son, but she has not shot anything above .30-30 yet. Maybe I´ll cook up a few soft .45-70 for her to try next weekend. I have a nephew that turns 15 this spring and he is producing empties as fast as I can reload them.
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