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Weaver K-3

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Hello I just got a Weaver scope and need some ideas. The optics are great however the bluing isn't so great. Does anybody know or have a way to touch up the bluing. It has some rust spots, mostly small and two larger about quarter inch in size. I have used steelwool and oil, it helped some but I am afraid to scrub too hard as that would make the rust spots look worse. Thanks Scott
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if it's an older (read that steel) Weaver, and it's just surface rust (not pitted) what you've done is fine...and a little "cold blue" will cover up the spots.
Little bit of car wax on the spots in the warm sun and wipe off after it dries, inhibits the rust. Then clean the wax off and touch up with cold blue like 1 big hole said.
I have a K3 with a pretty good scuff mark down to the bare metal. I treat it like any blued metal: keep it clean and wiped with light oil cloth. It functions perfectly and the surface blemish adds character.
Ok thanks for the ideas. I have a habit of overdoing fixes and making it worse. When I use cold blue does it matter if I use a paste or liquid? thanks
Probably doesn't matter but when I use it I clean and degrease the work area and then after I'm finished I rub oil on the spots.
A #3 lead pencil cuts light rust better than you would imagine. Just keep rubbibg the spot with the lead. When you finish, wipe and oil. Good luck, Jack
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