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Hello Friends--

I had a major disappointment yesterday when I received my new Weaver 1.5-4X from Natchez Shooters Supply. Nothing against Natchez, I've dealt with them before and had no problems. My problem was with Weaver and the quality of this handgun scope.

I unpacked the scope and it looked beautiful. Fit and finish were great with shiny deep bluing. The length of the 1-inch tube seemed to be just right. Then I looked through the scope. It was pitiful!

With the scope set on 1.5X, it was like looking through a dirty tunnel. I could barely see the crosshairs. The focus was a little better as I turned the scope up to 4X. But it was still bad.

Have you ever been looking forward to something with great anticipation only to be deeply disappointed? I'd been looking at this scope for awhile, thinking it would be great on my 10-inch .22 LR Contender barrel. 1.5-4X would be great for squirrel hunting. I had the base and rings on the .22 barrel ready to mount the scope and sight it in this weekend.

When I saw how pitiful this scope was, I called Natchez and told them about it. I thought surely the scope was defective, could I return it and get another one? They said yes. But after thinking about it for awhile, I packed it up and shipped it back to them today with a note asking for a refund. I also sent them an email.

I've owned a lot of Weaver scopes through the years and I still have most of them. The quality of this scope was terrible. I did a side-by-side comparison of this Weaver scope with a 2X Nikon handgun scope I own. No comparison at all, the Nikon is bright and clear. The Weaver is dark and fuzzy. And the 2 scopes were approximately the same price!

Anyway, it's on the way back to Natchez. I've looked on the internet for other handgun scopes. Hope I can find another scope suitable for the .22 LR Contender. I like the idea of a variable power scope on a .22 handgun.

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


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now you're gonna have guys telling you you should of paid up
and bought a leupold...
hate to hear it man. yep, i've bought junk before and it sure is
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