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Wanting original GC-EXC Marlin early Model 39 parts. I picked up an original early Model 39 with star stamp on the tang 22 this past year. It is, the best I can tell, a mid 1920's model.

It needs butt plate - proper size and pattern for mid-20's (I have a photo and dimentions), ejector spring p/n 39A-24, cartridge guide Spring p/n 39A-15, finger lever spring p/n 39A-30 and finger lever spring screw p/n 39A-31.

I prefer new or used and useable original parts. I am aware reproductions are available via Numrich and others, but have hopes for someone having extra - nos or good to excellent condition or restorable used parts laying around.

Thanks in advance and best regards, Mick
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