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Want to join Team 30-30, post here

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This thread is for joining Team 30-30 only. Post in here that you want to be added, and I'll edit the membership thread. I'll update the thread once a day, unless out of town. If I make a mistake, please PM me. Check and see if you're name is on the list in the link below...


Swany here, I have set the team roster as a stickey.
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You can add me- I reckon this will be a big list ;D
Bob A, you're #40. Welcome to 30-30!
You can count me in.
I started this. You know i'm in. ;D

edit..Just saw the list. Whoop!
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There are three Marlin .30-30s living here, plus three single shot .30-30s. I would love to be a member of Team .30-30 please!
OK I'm in. JD
Count me in as well.
Pig Slayer and Otony, welcome to Team 30-30. JD, you're already in from Muley's post!
336A, I already got you in too!
Count me in.
Please put me in. Thanks
Plumber, you're already in from Muley's original post!

M700 and cowboydave, welcome to Team 30-30!
Count me in too! Thanks

Eric, nice to see another Devil Dog! Welcome to Team 30-30!
1 - 20 of 3146 Posts