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Merry Christmas folks! My wife got me a little woodgas stove with a battery powered fan for Christmas, since I am a camp stove collector. Thought you guys might enjoy this little video I made:

This is a review of a battery powered fan stove that was a gift from my wife this Christmas. I use it here to burn some wood pellets and boil a quart of water. The temperature is 28 degrees F, and it is breezy. I don't use a windscreen, only what is provided with the stove. It folds up fairly small, but is 1.6 pounds (25 ounces!)

UPDATE: In the video I had the air intake set at low and the speed set at slow to conserve the pellets. On a second test, I opened the intake all the way and set the fan on high and used a wind screen. The pellets again lasted 10 minutes, but the heat output increased dramatically! The pellets had only barely caught, and I was still able to cut my boil time in half. If I wait until the stove is fully lit, it should be closer 4 minutes or less as advertised. That's a hot little stove!
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