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So you think this would fit my new to me (pawn shop purchase from my husband) 982S? It is a stainless steel 22 mag. I am referring to the vintage Marlin scope 4x32.
That would make an excellent scope for your rifle---EXCEPT. It's a "vintage" scope, which means, while it's probably a good scope, it won't have the coated glass in it that will compare to even the cheapest made scope of Today. Second, it is costing a bunch more than I would pay for a scope, other than having the name of Marlin for something other than a collector would want. Being a vintage scope, the scope's seals might be cracked and it may of leaked out it's gas to keep it from fogging up. It was probably made by Weaver or Redfield which are good scopes, because Marlin DID NOT MAKE scopes. They had scopes made for them with their name put on it. Even though it comes with scope rings, they might not fit your rifle which would be a shame to order/purchase a scope with rings, just to find out they don't work. If you don't know what kind of rings your rifle requires, you need to see a gun retailer to help you find out and get ones in either silver or black of your choosing. This way you positively have rings you know will work for your rifle. ALSO. Rifle scopes/rings of years long past for rimfires, were made in 3/4 inch diameter. Today's rimfire scopes are 1 inch or 30 millimeter in diameter----just like centerfire scopes(to keep costs down), but a couple of Today's scope makers make 3/4" models, but you'll pay very good money for one. Yes, I've seen the cheap Tasco scopes in WalMart for a rimfire in 3/4 inch, but I wouldn't get one of those, because they're made more for a very low cost BB gun.
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A few years ago I was comeing home from NH, and we went by a sporting good's store that was closing. They had pretty bare shelves, with deep discount's. I bought a Leupold VX-111 1.75 x 6 scope for 300.00 and I found these same Ring's on a table for 5 Buck's!!! I was more excited about the ring's then the scope. I didn't know they were origional Marlin but I like them and will put them on one of my rifle's. I'm as happy now as the day I bought them ;D
Thanks Delbert for the useful information. I guess I will go to a gunshop or place like Dicks Sporting Goods for face to face help. And to think this all could have been avoided if I were born with 20/20 vision!
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