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Vintage Marlin 1895 Lever

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Does anyone know where I can find a lever for my Pre-1900 Marlin 1895 project?

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I found a lever for an vintage 1894 up in Canada some time back. A place called "western gun parts", they are on the net. Ya never know till ya try.
I will try Western Gun Parts
Hope they have it. That's a really tough one to find.
Good luck with that one! 1895 parts are hard to come by, I did buy a magazine tube cap and shell lifter from numrich. I'm currently looking for some front firing pins.
The front firing pin for an 1895 Marlin are almost impossible to find. A good gunsmith can make one. Try Norman Johnson in Turtle Lake N Dak at 7014489188
He has made firing pins for me in the past.
"A good gunsmith can make one"

I looked into this before. I would have to recheck but maybe using one from a Model 93 might be a good starting point if a gunsmith has to make one up.
I know there is a definite difference between 93 and 95 firing pins-I'll have to give Norman Johnson a call-thanks.
The 95 firing pins are longer. All it takes is one look.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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