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Vector Optics Sagittarius 10-40x56 FFP Riflescope.

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For a test set Vector Optics Sagittarius 10-40x56 FFP Riflescope on it Marlin XL7 30-06.

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muss1980 said:
Will it cook dinner too? LOL
Mr. president.
It is impossible to be a condom (LOL) it is necessary to ground the expressions... ;D
That is a big scope! How's it look at 40X?
K31Scout said:
That is a big scope! How's it look at 40X?
To 40X all OK.
On 40X - am a bit "washed".
It is illness of all of series Vector OpticsFFP Riflescope.
On the whole I estimate work of series Vector OpticsFFP Riflescope on the five-ball system on hard
4.5- with by an guarantee, price, quality.
A review will be done very soon Vector Optics 1-4x24 FFP Riflescope jointly with Mel on
Vector Optics 1-4 FFP Riflescope.
With respect to the acquired CP 1-4FFP VO for installation on the bullpup SGW.
Briefly ...
The most successful series of VO in my opinion this series with a low multiplicity, although the overall assessment of the entire series of OP FFP VO on a five-point system in my opinion-solid 4.5.
I take into account the ratio of price, quality, and warranty.
On the series with a maximum multiplicity (but not the 1-4), for example, at 40x, there is a small soaping, which can be corrected ...
... but sometimes causes discomfort.
With respect to 1-4.
Clear picture as to the multiplicity of 1x and 4x the multiplicity, the use of lights during the daytime have no effect RedDot, but you have a clear picture convenient for shooting.
Photos by definition do not represent unfortunately sharpness in the OP is due to inability to catch a normal focal length.
The remaining impressions later ...
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