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Value of my JM 444?

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I have noticed that Remlin has not made any .444's for a while now.... therefore supply in demand would "suggest" the value of .444's increase..
Anyways, I have a JM stamped and serial number on my 444 that places it as one of the last JM 444's made before the transition... I was wondering what the estimated value for this rifle is? It is in excellent/new condition, and has had less then 40 rounds fired through it.

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What Starrbow, Brocky, and Flat Top said. I own a 444ss and a 444XLR. Back to original question its worth whatever someone else is willing to pay for a fine rifle that they don't make anymore. The 45-70,s are everywhere but not the 444 Marlin. I was kind of thinking of selling one but then I thought I should have one MG and one Ballard rifled.
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