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value of modern 1894 CL Classic in 25-20

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Considering selling my Marlin 25-20. I bought the gun new sometime in the last 15 years or so. Used it for Fall turkey and varmints. Don't know anything about its current value. Seen some surprisingly high prices for them on gun auctions sites. Can't find much info about these rifles and wondering if someone could tell me value range. Do people want these guns? Are these rare or hard to find? Thanks so much for any information.
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I think they go for like $150-$200 max but since its your first post up here, I will give you about $300 :D. In all fairness, I am not sure what the going value for your rifle is, but wait a couple of days and some of our resident experts here will let you know. Its going to have a lot to do with what kind of condition its in and how bad someone really wants it. You might go and see what they are going for on some of the auction websites and get a feeling there. Good Luck and remember, $300 right now ;).
Thanks Mike. Guns been in my safe for years and didn't really even remember I had it. Researched around online and did not see very many of them and the ones I saw were pretty expensive. Just began to wonder if maybe they were rare. Anyway, I'm buying a new deer rifle for my son and I'm not buying another gun unless I get rid of one. We'll see what I learn. Thanks again for your reply!
I wouldn't call one rare, but they sure aren't very common either.

Keep in mind that people can get a little crazy at those auction sites when they get into a buying frenzy.

Like said above, condition is going to have a lot to do with it.
The going rate on GunBroker for any caliber of CL in very good to NIB condition is around $800 except for the ones in 218 Bee. The Bees go for over $1,000 in very good to NIB condition! The 25-20 is second in demand and the 32-20 cause they made more of the 32-20's. I think they made about 1,000 of them in 25-20. You want rare??? Get you a CCL in 32-20. Only 500 of them made and I have one! ;D

T-o-m who ain't selling his hyponated babies
T-o-m, you want rarer? CCL in 44-40. 325 made and one followed me home 10 years ago. There were a couple of CCL runs of 500.

There's some more limited editions out there with even less production numbers. And some of those were 25-20s. The NRA editions come to mind with 100 each in 25-20 and 32-20.
Thanks Goat and Willy for your info! Good to learn that my 25-30 was a pretty low production gun. I certainly had no idea these rifles were produced in such small numbers. Mine is not NIB, I used it to hunt. Has some scratches on the wood, everything else is like new. Has a cheap 4x tasco on it. Sounds like it may be worth more than the $300-$350 I had originally assumed. Thanks again!
Brazoscounty, if you want to sell your rifle please let me know. I will like to see some pictures and maybe work out a deal. Thanks again & God Bless.
Thanks for your interest Mike. I'm thinking I will sell it. Still thinking price. My pics are too large to post here. If you can send me an e-mail address, I can send pics. Thanks.
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